SaaS network monitoring for professionals

Onevisio is the first service to include visual overview with important details of network in real time – specially for network providers usage. It's easy to deploy, customizable and mobile friendly.

Network topology

Overview of your network in one view

Monitor multiple locations, connections, network speed and devices easily. With one click, you can drill in to detailed information: ping, traffic, packets, load and connected devices.

Main view gives an overview of:

• Network structure and performance
• Connected devices
• Speed and traffic

onevisio worldmap2x

Visual details

Information details with a single click

Easily navigate to connected devices to analyze traffic, packets, ping, errors and load from visually pleasing charts. Even connected mac-addresses can be checked from the details.

Quickly access information like:

• Traffic, packets and ping
• Overview of device ports
• Load and errors

onevisio detail view




Create multiple views for different needs

With customizable views, you can create views of your own. From worldwide overviews to a tight location views and as many as you need. We even offer visual customization for your setup.

Customizable for your needs

• Unlimited views and locations
• UI branding



Mobile friendly

Responsive design for mobile and tablets

The user interface and usability has been optimized for mobile users in mind. UI is responsive and UX is tested to work on the road. Even network topology maps are available in your pocket.


• Overview
• Mainview
• Details

Scalable and secure

Fully suitable for enterprise level

OneVisio is robust, reliable and secure solution. It can handle networks with hundreds of devices and thousands of ports. It can be isolated from the internet and installed in the hardened private cloud platform.

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